New Voice Actor enters Loria

We are excited to share with you a quick update regarding the development of Loria! For the past few days, we have been hard at work ironing out bugs, implementing new features and making the input more intuitive. We have also just recieved a great amount of lines from some very talented voice actors, which will give Loria a much more interesting sound-scape. The units in Loria will thus have many more lines.

First build made public

The first build is finally here and you can find it in downloads section!

This mission was originally intended just as a testing & debugging map for various features and issues. However I have decided that I will make it public, so there is finally something to play.

Though it is crude mission with no objectives, worry not, because this is just a small appetizer before the polished up demo mission which is coming soon!

New sound effects

With a great new pack of SFX which you can find here, and few custom made sounds, our game now sounds great!

Hear for yourself:

How did we get here ?

As many people out there, we loved the golden era of RTS games. We have hundreds and hundreds hours of pleasant memories, playing Warcraft 1. Spending hours of trying cumbersome tactics like "tunneling" through forests, one small step after other, just to surprise enemy from behind! Then losing, restarting the game and giving it another try. Best fun ever.