How did we get here ?

As many people out there, we loved the golden era of RTS games. We have hundreds and hundreds hours of pleasant memories, playing Warcraft 1. Spending hours of trying cumbersome tactics like "tunneling" through forests, one small step after other, just to surprise enemy from behind! Then losing, restarting the game and giving it another try. Best fun ever.

Few months ago I have decided to replay all of my favorite old RTS games, but after a while of playing I realized that playing RTS games released before '96 is a bit more complicated than I remembered. The unit control is clunky, units get stuck all the time or start running around, or you can't create selection groups. On top of all, AI is not as smart as we remembered it. The games are great and they pushed the the limits of options which were available at that time.

So, what I did, instead of playing, I started watching playthrough videos of Warcraft 1

And there was the idea: create 2D RTS games in the spirit of everything that made those game great, but enhancing on controls, AI, pathfinding. Let's bring back long-gameplay campaign, nice story, simple but beautiful sprites, and hilarious audio!

So here we are, in our humble beginnings slowly building Loria from the grounds up, hoping that in the end, we might bring the nice feeling of 2D RTS back once again to life.

And here is just a little taste of what will follow next. Have a great day!